Where solitude reigns, chocolate-colored beaches stretch endlessly, and the surf.

Welcome to Esterillos

Escape to the tranquil shores of Esterillos, where solitude reigns, chocolate-colored beaches stretch endlessly, and the surf is a symphony of greatness. Picture yourself on these pristine sands, where the only company you may encounter are swaying palms and almond trees, creating a serene frame of the forest edge. The clear blue waters beckon, tempting you to immerse yourself in their inviting embrace, and as you stroll along, the chance of encountering another soul becomes a delightful rarity.
This idyllic stretch of coastline seamlessly connects Esterillos Oeste to the west and Esterillos Este to the east, creating a haven where accommodations are sprinkled like hidden treasures. Here, the Central Pacific unveils one of its best-kept secrets—a surf haven where consistent, clean breaks make every wave a surfer's dream. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice adventurer, the waves, frequently reaching head high, ensure an exhilarating experience year-round.
Yet, Esterillos is not just for surf enthusiasts. The friendly waters open their arms to a plethora of activities, with horseback riding and more awaiting those eager for diverse adventures. At low tide, witness the beach transform, unveiling a vastness of dark sand that stretches as far as the eye can see—a canvas waiting to be explored by avid beachcombers.


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